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Fedora, Mint, openSUSE, Ubuntu: Which Linux desktop is for you?


There are more interesting Linux desktop distributions to choose from than ever before. However, if you’re looking for major distros with a great deal of support, you’ll want to look at the big four: Fedora, Mint, openSUSE, and Ubuntu.

Each has its own outlook and methods. Thanks to Linux’s customizability, you could take any of them and completely revamp it, if you wish. But unless your idea of a good time is operating system hacking, chances are you’ll want a distribution that already meets your needs.

Three of the four — Fedora, Mint, and Ubuntu — use GNOME as their default desktop interface, although they use it in very different ways. OpenSUSE, on the other hand, uses KDE for its default interface.

Both GNOME and KDE have moved away from their early days when their interfaces resembled that of Windows XP. Each now tries to integrate all available resources and programs, bot

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