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Firefox wants to be your business buddy Web browser again


Mozilla, the group behind the Firefox Web browser, has finally gotten a clue that business users don’t like constant updates. On the Mozilla wiki page, Mozilla admits to what many of us have known for a long time: Firefox’s recent rapid-fire release schedule was way too fast for corporate and institutional users. On the page, Mozilla states:

The shift to a new release process has been difficult for organizations that deploy Firefox to their users in a managed environment. We’ve heard 2 primary concerns:

1. The release schedule doesn’t allow sufficient time for the organizations and their vendors to certify new releases of the products.

2. The associated end-of-life policy exposes them to considerable security risk if they remain on a non-current version past Firefox 3.6.

These groups-which include small & medium business, enterprise, academic, and government-want to continue to offer Mozilla products to their users, but they need a version of Firefox that gives them a longer support tail than what we currently offer.

You think!?

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