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Linux on the Cloud: IBM, Novell & Red Hat


Today, March 16th, has been filled with Linux and cloud news. Which is great, I guess, if you’re ready to trust your data to the cloud.

In case you don’t follow Linux as closely as I do, here’s the round-up. Red Hat and Novell have joined up with IBM to provide a new open cloud environment that goes by the unwieldy name Smart Business Development and Test on the IBM Cloud.

Besides running Linux, this new cloud service comes ready for work with more software partners then you can shake a stick at. The bottom line is that I don’t care what capability you want from your server farm, chances are you’ll find it already ready to go on IBM’s new Linux-powered cloud from either IBM itself, which is offering its full Lotus and WebSphere lines, or from one of its ISV (independent software vendor) partners. These services are scheduled to be made available in the second quarter of 2010 in The United States and Canada, and to roll out globally by year’s end.

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