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Ubuntu wants to be your cloud and data-center Linux


Linux fans are excited about Ubuntu’s forthcoming long-term service desktop release, Ubuntu 12.04. That’s all well and good. After all Canonical, Ubuntu’s parent company hopes 20-million of you will buy Ubuntu PCs in the coming twelve months. But, Ubuntu also wants to be your Linux of choice for your cloud and data center.

A first look at Ubuntu Linux 12.04’s Unity desktop (Gallery)

On the cloud,. Canonical has reaffirmed its allegiance to the OpenStack alliance. But, the company is adding their own twist: “Any Web Service Over Me” (AWSOME). AWSOME, which is now available in beta, is a cloud proxy. It provides OpenStack application programming interfaces (APIs) that are also used in the Amazon’s EC2 and AWS public cloud services. The idea is to make it easy to deploy hybrid cloud workloads across both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and OpenStack clouds.

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