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Canonical, Ubuntu Linux’s parent company, reorganizes


Ubuntu is a popular Linux with users, but it hasn’t made as many in-roads in the business market as it would like. To address that Canonical, Ubuntu’s parent company, CEO Jane Silber has announced a major company reorganization.

Silber wrote, “Canonical has grown dramatically over the last several years. This growth is driven by increasing demand for our services and products by end users, businesses and partners, and by investment to deliver our part of the future of free software. As Ubuntu’s position in the marketplace and as the leading free software platform has matured, we have needed change the way we align our teams internally. The purpose of these changes is to ensure greater efficiency for us, for the customers we serve and for the partners with whom we go to market.”

These changes also, it should be noted, come after Canonical’s CTO, Matt Zimmerman, left the firm in May. In addition, the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Matt Asay left Canonical late last year. Canonical was due for a major reorganization.

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