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Consumer Electronics Linux Initiative Starts


Many people use Linux every day and never know it. Indeed, they’re often using Linux without even knowing they’re using a computing device. For years now, Linux has been the operating system of choice for Digital Video Recorders (DVR)s, DVD players, Smart TVs, Wi-Fi access points, GPS devices, and on and on. But, there’s never been a Linux kernel just for consumer electronics… until now.

At LinuxCon Europe in Prague, Czech Republic, The Linux Foundation, the
nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Linux, announced that it was hosting a new project created by its Consumer Electronics (CE) workgroup: the Long Term Support Initiative (LTSI).

According to the Foundation, “The new project … provides for both an annual release of a Linux kernel suitable for supporting the lifespan of consumer electronics products and regular updates of those releases for two years.” LTSI has the backing of Hitachi, LG Electronics, NEC, Panasonic, Renesas, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba. In other words, this is a concrete plan with real and broad industry support.

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