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Ubuntu Linux 11.10: Unity comes of age


When Canonical, Ubuntu’s parent company first announced that it was going to drop the GNOME 3.x desktop for its own GNOME-based desktop take, Unity, a lot of people were unhappy. They also weren’t thrilled with Unity’s first mainstream deployment in Ubuntu 11.04. Now, if these same people, if they give the brand new Ubuntu 11.10 desktop a try, I think they’ll really like this new Ubuntu.

Don’t get me wrong. Unity still isn’t for everyone. Hard core Linux desktop users-and I’m one of them-will still find it keeps them too far away from Linux’s fine-tuning controls for comfort. But, for everyone else, I think Unity may be the best pure desktop Linux desktop interface I’ve ever used. And friends, as the former editor-in-chief of DesktopLinux and a Linux user since its early days, I’ve seen all of them.

What am I talking about, well let’s take a look at the new Ubuntu and I’ll show you what I’m talking about.

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