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Ubuntu: The desktop Linux with the cloud inside


Things can get really confusing when you start working with cloud-computing but we can all agree that having cloud file-storage is a good thing. It’s just so much easier to keep files in a universal storage box in the sky than worrying about whether you put the right USB drive in your laptop bag when you left for work. At this time though only one mainstream desktop operating system comes with the cloud built-in: Ubuntu.

Instead of having to use an extra service, like Windows with Live Mesh; wait for Apple to get iCloud deployed; or use a third-party services, such as YouSendIt or Dropbox, Ubuntu’s been coming with Ubuntu One, it’s built-in cloud file client and service, since Ubuntu 9.10 was released in October 2009.

Ubuntu One, which recently passed the one-million user mark, has had some recent improvements. These have made it much more useful. For those who prefer more storage, which is pretty much everyone, Ubuntu One Basic, the free service, has changed its name to Ubuntu One Free and it now comes with 5GBs of free storage Instead of 2GBs.

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