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SCO is dead, SCO Unix lives on


SCO, the anti-Linux lawsuit monster is dead. There are still twitches left in the corpse in the bankruptcy court morgue, but when even Groklaw retires from the field, you know SCO’s as dead as a doornail. But, SCO’s Unix operating systems, OpenServer and UnixWare, will live on under the aegis of a new company, UnXis.

This has some people, including Pamela Jones, editor and founder of Groklaw worried that UnXis might follow in SCO’s lawsuit crazy tracks. “Targeting end users? Uh oh. That has a creepy sound, considering the heritage of SCO, if you know what I mean.”

I didn’t think anyone with a lick of sense would try to re-tread SCO’s hopeless lawsuits, but then I’d thought from the very start that SCO taking on IBM, et. al. in the courts was a suicidal move. So, I asked the UnXis’ CEO, Richard A. Bolandz, what his plans were.

Bolandz replied, “UnXis has no intention to pursue any litigation related to the SCO Group assets acquired by the company. We are all about world leadership in technology not litigation.

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