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Last chance to get XP


Windows 7 has been around for almost a year now, but lots of people are still sticking with Windows XP. Now, Microsoft is getting ready to pull the plug on Windows XP sales. No! Really! They mean it this time. Would they lie to you?

I mean just because Microsoft has extended XP sales over and over again doesn’t mean that they’ll keep selling XP forever. Well, yes, they are supporting XP for years more to come, but this time, cross their hearts and hope to die, Microsoft really is killing XP sales on October 22nd, 2010. Some companies, noticeably Dell, are pulling the plug on XP even sooner.

Microsoft spokesperson Brandon LeBlanc has written that most Windows users may “not notice much change.” I beg to disagree.

I know lots of Windows users and even now they really don’t want any part of Windows 7. For some of them, it’s a matter of finance. They look at the cost of moving their business PCs from XP to Windows 7 and they get the shakes. In this economy, who can blame them?

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