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The Internet is running out of IPv4 gas

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If you listen to some people, businesses don’t need to worry about the growing shortage of Internet IPv4 addresses. Instead, most “network owners find it more affordable to just make do with the [Internet] addressing scheme they’re already using. This is so, so wrong.

When the Internet began, IPv4’s possible 32-bit 4.3 billion addresses looked like more than enough. Things have changed.

We’re running out of IPv4 addresses, the 32-bit numeric addresses that network devices need to connect to the Internet. All those mobile devices that we love so much like iPhones, tablets, and iPods are gobbling down IPv4 addresses like an elephant does peanuts. For the longest time, we managed to avoid running out of IPv4 addresses with the use of technologies like Network Address Translation (NAT) and Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR), but those haven’t been enough.

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