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Google Chrome OS is for Netbooks, Android for Smartphones & Tablets

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We all know that Google is in the operating system business these days. What hasn’t been clear is exactly what Google has planned for its Chrome operating system. We all know that Android is Google’s Android Linux smartphone and tablet answer. But where does Chrome, a Linux and Web browser-based operating system fit in?

It hasn’t been an easy question to answer. After all, you can use Android as a desktop operating system and you can use Chrome as a tablet operating system. So, what’s what here? Now, we’re beginning to get come clear answers.

In a TechRadar interview with Google Chrome senior product manager Anders Sandholm, Sandholm said, “What we are focusing on [in Chrome] is netbooks in terms of form-factor and providing a really good experience for that.”

Sandholm also said that while his team is experimenting with touch, the real focus of the Chrome OS design team is on the netbook/laptop. Netbooks have not been doing that well in the market lately, but I think Chrome netbooks may just change that.

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