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Broadcom makes its Wi-Fi chipsets more Linux friendly


Slowly, too darn slowly for the taste of Linux notebook users, Broadcom has been providing drivers for its Wi-Fi chipsets on netbooks and laptops. Now, Broadcom has released an open-source driver for its latest 802.11n chip sets.

See? Miracles do happen!

According to Henry Ptasinski, a principal scientist in the wireless connectivity group at Broadcom, Broadcom has released the source code for the “initial release of a fully-open Linux driver for it’s latest generation of 11n chipsets. The driver, while still a work in progress, is released as full source and uses the native mac80211 stack. It supports multiple current chips (BCM4313, BCM43224, BCM43225) as well as providing a framework for supporting additional chips in the future, including mac80211-aware embedded chips.”

For Linux users who aren’t Wi-Fi engineers that means you can look forward to your laptops with Broadcom chipsets working properly with Linux.

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