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Dell expands Ubuntu Linux desktop offerings


The latest panic in desktop Linux lad was that Dell would no longer be selling Ubuntu pre-installed on laptops and netbooks. Alas, for those who love drama, it wasn’t true. In fact, Dell is expanding its Ubuntu desktop Linux offerings.

Gerry Carr the marketing manager for Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, told me that the stories that Dell will no longer be offering Ubuntu pre-installed on its hardware were “NOT true .” Now, Anne Camden, a Dell PR manager, tells me that far from moving away from Ubuntu Linux, Dell is offering more Ubuntu choices than ever.

Camden said, “Ironically, we JUST added the Ubuntu desktop today [July 27th]. While the original plan a few months ago was to transition to the current generation Inspiron desktop, we changed direction. The Linux team decided that there might be more applications/better appreciation for a more powerful option, so we just released the Studio XPS 7100 desktop with Ubuntu Desktop 10.04 installed.”

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