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Calm down! Dell is not throwing Ubuntu Linux out!


People seem to love bad news. This last weekend, the ‘bad’ news was that Dell has stopped offering Ubuntu Linux pre-installed on laptops and netbooks. There was only one problem with the story: It’s not true.

While Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, won’t be making their official statement on the situation until tomorrow, July 28th, Gerry Carr Canonical’s marketing manager, told me today that the stories that Dell will no longer be offering Ubuntu pre-installed on its hardware “is NOT true.” In addition, a Dell representative said that “Dell has no plans to discontinue its Ubuntu offerings.”

So, calm down already with the headlines like “Get This Damned Ubuntu Out Of Dell’s Internets!” Or, it’s Digg variant, “WTF? Dell Drops All Ubuntu-Loaded Machines From Online Store.” Chill already.

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