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Canonical to offer new Ubuntu Linux business support options


Linux is great, if you know what you’re doing. If you don’t, Linux like any operating system, can be a pain. Enter Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux. On June 7th, Canonical will start offering new Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu Desktop “Ubuntu Advantage” business support services

Ubuntu Advantage will offer more than just technical support. Canonical has long offered excellent business and individual technical support. What makes Ubuntu Advantage different is that it also offers systems management tools, access to online resources, training and legal assurance. According to a company representative, “It is built to help businesses who have deployed Ubuntu as a desktop and/or server solution to become more successful in their adoption of the platform. The new subscription package gives organizations a single service to underwrite their investment in Ubuntu and is split into different service levels to cater to the different uses of Ubuntu in business.”

So, say your company’s in-house counsel has questions about a Linux’s intellectual property issue? No problem. Ubuntu Advantage Assurance will “take care of intellectual property (IP) infringement legal claims brought against customers in their use of Ubuntu.” Further, “Canonical will provide legal compensation for any claim brought against you worldwide so you can deploy Ubuntu without complicated legal concerns.” Take that Microsoft with your endless, bogus Linux patent threats.

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