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Ubuntu would welcome Adobe to Linux

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I recently suggested that, given Apple and Adobe’s growing war over iPad and iPhone applications, it would make sense for Adobe to move not only its end-user applications, but its Creative Suite development stack to Linux. While I don’t know if Adobe is considering it, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, would welcome Adobe.

Gerry Carr, Canonical’s marketing manager told me that “in a recent survey we did of the Ubuntu User base where we got 32,000 plus responses, Adobe Photoshop as a potential application for Ubuntu got a 3.52 rating out of 5 being the second most popular potential app after Skype.”

That doesn’t come as any surprise to me. Photoshop has long topped the list of most wanted proprietary programs on Linux users’ wish list. You may be wondering why this is so since Linux already has GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program), which is also a very strong image editing program.

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