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Hey Adobe, Dump Apple, Go Linux


Who can blame Adobe for being ticked off? They wanted a slice of the lucrative Apple iPad/iPhone application business, and Apple won’t let Adobe applications, or even Flash, on either platform. So, first Adobe started cussing Apple out, then Adobe started thinking about suing Apple, and, now, they’re talking about abandoning the iPad/iPhone platforms. That’s lame. Apple’s already told Adobe that they’re not welcome. I have a better idea. Forget about Apple, go Linux instead.

Mike Chambers, the principal product manager for developer relations for Adobe’s Flash, has already suggested that Flash developers start working Google’s Linux-based Android operating system “The iPhone isn’t the only game in town,” said Chambers.

Exactly. There are at least a dozen Linux-powered iPad clones on their way to market, and most of the early ones appear to be using Android. In addition, there are already popular Android-powered smartphones like Motorola’s Droid. There’s money to be made in tablets and smartphones that has nothing to with either iPads or iPhones.

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