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SCO: Garbage Time


From the very start, anyone who paid attention to SCO’s attempts to throw a spanner in the Linux works, knew that they had no case. Over the years, I’ve covered their decline from the last major x86 Unix power to an industry joke. And, now SCO’s story is almost over.

It’s garbage time now for SCO. Those of you who follow basketball know exactly what I mean. This is when the winning team, Linux, and its chief champions in the SCO lawsuits. Novell and IBM, can send in the reserves from the end of the bench. SCO’s lawsuits are smashed to bits.

As the clock ever so slowly winds down, SCO is now dumping what was once its heart, its Unix OpenServer and UnixWare business, and its newer mobile software, to continue its forlorn lawsuits. SCO has filed a new reorganization plan with the federal bankruptcy court in Delaware on January 8th.

CEO Darl McBride explained this latest twist in a public letter. McBride explained that, “SCO has been working over the past nine months with several investment groups to formulate an investment plan. With the tightening of the world financial markets, it has been difficult to secure a plan sponsor prior to the restructuring plan filing deadlines.” You think? “However, SCO continues to work with investment groups who could potentially come forward with an investment plan to acquire certain SCO assets.”

Actually, SCO has been looking for someone foolish enough to pour money down its legal rat-hole for over a year. Last February, SCO thought it had found its patsy, Stephen Norris & Co. Capital Partners and its Arabian oil billionaire friends. These buddies of Bill Gates backed out of the deal and SCO has been looking for an idiotic investor ever since.

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