OpenStack Kilo: Turning it up to 11

The most popular open-source cloud program, OpenStack, may also be the hardest to use. Just ask anyone trying to find good OpenStack architects and engineers. With its latest release OpenStack 11, Kilo, the level of expertise needed to master OpenStack is getting lower.

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Why Windows embracing Android and iOS is a bad idea

It’s official. Microsoft has surrendered the mobile space to Apple and Google. All hail Android! All hail iOS!

Seriously what else can you make of Microsoft attempting to bring both Android and iOS applcations to Windows? First, there’s no question that Microsoft can make it easy, if not trivial, to bring some of these apps […]

What’s what in Debian Jessie

Debian is arguably the most important Linux distribution. From it springs such popular Linux distributions as Mint and Ubuntu. Outside Linux’s inner circles, it’s not that well known because it’s purely a community operating system. There is no company behind it, as there is with Red Hat and CentOS, Fedora, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux […]

Will Windows 10 be ready this summer? No way. Will it ship? Count on it.

AMD CEO Lisa Su let the cat out of the bag: Microsoft will be releasing Windows 10 in late July.

My first reaction: “That’s not possible!” Then I thought about it some more, and my second reaction was, “That’s just crazy talk!” Then I tinkered some more with the latest Windows 10 beta — Build […]

Fedora 22 goes beta

Red Hat‘s community Linux distribution, Fedora 22, is getting ready for its May 26th launch date by releasing the beta for for its latest version.

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