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Coronavirus: The Cold Equations

John Hopkins Coronavirus US Map March 28, 2020

Some people in my life are still having trouble believing the Coronavirus is all that bad. Actually, it’s worse than many can imagine. Let’s look at some cold, hard numbers.

 Yesterday, March 27, we went over 100,000 cases in the US. In the States we currently have a doubling rate of four days. That means by April 12, Easter, we’ll have well over a million cases.

 The death count, 367 yesterday. is doubling every three days. And, that’s without our hospitals cracking under the strain. It’s all too likely, without beds and sufficient resources of even basic supplies such as N95 masks–never mind urgent care beds and ventilators–our hospitals will buckle and the death rate will spike. 

 Even without that, by April 12, the cold hard numbers say we’ll be seeing well over 10,000 deaths a day. We are Not going back to work, church, or normal life by then, no matter what anyone tells you. 

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