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Evaluating price and performance in the public cloud


Time to ask yourself, “Are you getting your money’s worth from your public cloud?”

Take Snapchat, the popular mobile app that enables users to send videos and pictures that self destruct after a few seconds after viewing. Its parent company, Snap, is filing for its Intial Public Opening (IPO). In the filing, Snap revealed that it spends $400 million a year on Google cloud services and another $50 million on Amazon Web Services (AWS). That’s $450 million — or about $45 million more than the company’s 2016 revenue.

Snap’s founders and venture capitalist supporters hope that its growth rate will give it a valuation of between $19.5 billion and $22.2 billion. If it hits those kind of numbers then any penny spent on the public cloud will be worth it.

But, will the money you spend on the public cloud be worth it to you?

Evaluating price and performance in the public cloud. More>

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