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5 things to expect from the cloud in 2015


2014 saw big changes in the cloud. In 2015, we’ll see more cloud growth – and challenges – than ever.

In 2014, we saw a lot of things happen with the cloud. OpenStack became the dominant open-source cloud, and Ubuntu became the top operating system on clouds.

Some cloud news was amazing. Microsoft, of all companies, proclaimed its love for Linux. Why? Because 20% of the operating systems on Azure are Linux. If you can’t fight them, join them!

And then there was the news no one saw coming. I mean, in 2014, how many people really knew anything about containers? Then along came Docker and everyone from the usual open-source suspects to Microsoft to VMware was on board.

So, what will 2015 bring us? Well let me dust off my crystal ball and here’s what I see.

5 things to expect from the cloud in 2015. More>

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