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Top Linux and open-source programs survey results


LinuxQuestions, a leading Linux fan and user support site, has just completed its annual members choice survey to see which Linux distributions and open-source programs are the most popular and the results may surprise you.

For starters, guess which Linux distribution is the most popular according to LinuxQuestions members? DistroWatch, the popular site that monitors all Linux distributions, shows Linux Mint as being the most popular of current distributions. But, that’s not the one most favored by LinuxQuestions’ folks.

Instead, Slackware is LinuxQuestions’ desktop distribution of the year with 20.59% of the vote. “Slackware!?” Many of you are probably asking. “What’s that?” Slackware is one of the oldest Linux distributions that’s still in production. It was perhaps the first truly popular Linux distribution and it started in 1993. Today, it’s not that well known… except in hard core Linux fan circles. In second and third place Mint and Ubuntu were duking it out.

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