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The Highlander and the Cloud’s Future


Highlander is a great movie. But when it comes to the cloud, it’s not a case of “There can be only one.” At LinuxCon in San Diego this summer, that point was made over and over again.

“Great movie, bad representation of the cloud market,” said Peder Ulander, VP of product marketing for the Cloud Platforms group at Citrix, said in his keynote address. “One thing we’ve learned from Linux vendors: There’s plenty of room in the market for open solutions. From community distributions like Debian and Fedora to Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu, to PostgreSQL, MySQL, or Apache HTTPD and Nginx. Multiple solutions can and do co-exist, and [they] even cooperate and compete simultaneously. There’s no reason that the cloud need be any different.”

Looking at the cloud and its future, Ulander sees “lots of players at lots of layers in the cloud moving forward and it’s through these communities that the cloud will evolve.”
He’s not the only to see this vision in his crystal ball.

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