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OpenSUSE 12.2 Linux finally arrives


OpenSUSE, SUSE‘s community Linux, may not be as sexy as Fedora, Mint, or Ubuntu, but it’s still a strong, popular Linux for both servers and desktops and it’s good to see the latest version finally arrive after months of delay.

First due on July 11th, openSUSE didn’t make its release date because, frankly, it wasn’t ready for prime time. OpenSUSE release manager Stephen “Coolo” Kulow said in June, “our development project, is still far too unstable. Things have improved.

Andreas Jaeger, openSUSE’s program manager told ServerWatch‘s Sean Michael Kerner that the openSUSE developers had” concentrated on stabilizing the release.” The resulting Linux distribution may not always have the latest software, such as the newest editions of Firefox and KDE, but it should be very stable. Rock-solid reliability and performance have long been openSUSE hallmarks.

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