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Chrome and Internet Explorer locked in Web browser desktop battle


I’m a big Chrome fan and so are many other people since Chrome recently became the world’s favorite browser, but according to StatCounter’s August numbers, Internet Explorer (IE), has been making a comeback.

By StatCounter’s count, Chrome passed Internet Explorer during the week of May 13th. StatCounter’s stats are based on a sample of 15 billion page views in the company’s network and they show that Chrome was gradually pulling away from IE. As  Aodhan Cullen, StatCounter’s CEO wrote in a blog posting in July . “There is much greater competition now. Although IE still leads in countries such as the US and UK, on a worldwide basis Google’s Chrome overtook IE in May and maintained a narrow lead in June.”

In August, though, IE started taking some market share back. Chrome had increased its lead in July, 33.81% to IE’s 32.04% but IE closed the gap in August. By the end of the month, Chrome lost a bit, to 33.59% and IE had gained some to reach 32.85%.

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