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Five ways to skip Windows 8


I’ve been working with Windows 8 for months. Even after Microsoft dished out the release candidate to application developers, I’m still finding Windows 8 to be the worst Windows version to date.

Yes, worse than Vista, worse than Windows Millennium Edition (Me), and the only reason I’m not saying its worse than Windows Bob, is that Bob was just a user interface for Windows 95 and NT and not an operating system in and of itself.

Now, though even some of Microsoft strongest fans are beginning to back off from praising Windows 8.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) aren’t happy that Microsoft is going to be competing with them on tablets with Surface — the one area where Windows 8 Metro actually works. As a result I can’t see them pushing Windows 8 hard to their customers. Besides, they’re going to have to support potentially millions of customers trying to figure how to use the Metro interface and that will eat alive their already razor-thin profit margins.

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