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Vizio Co-Star: Is Google TV finally going Prime-Time?


I wanted to like Google TV. Who wouldn’t want to be able to watch Internet video, normal television, and use their HDTV as the world’s biggest Web browser. There was just one problem. The various Google TV implementations, such as the Logitech Revue, never worked well. It looks to me though like the soon to be released Vizio Co-Star may finally fulfill at least some of Google TV’s promise.

Of course, Google has its own Google TV competitor these days, the Nexus Q . As far as I’m concerned until proven otherwise, the Nexus Q is just an over-priced Apple TV clone.

While you can use the Co-Star for Internet video streaming as well, it also comes with Google’s Chrome Web browser. That means you’ll be able to use your HDTV as a wireless monitor. I’ve always liked this idea and I’ve never been happy with how most systems do it. I hope, oh how I hope, that the Vizio Co-Star can do it right.

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