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Linus Torvalds reviews, loves, the Google Nexus 7


Linus Torvalds, Linux’s inventor, software developer extraordinary, and, now, tablet reviewer! On Google+, Torvalds reviewed his Nexus 7 tablet and like ZDNet reviewers such as James Kendrick, he loved it.

Of course, it’s not perfect. Torvalds wrote, “Yes, the camera is front-facing only, and there’s a good reason there’s not even a camera app on the thing by default: it’s pretty nasty. But does anybody really care? You’d look like a complete dork trying to take photos with a tablet anyway. It’s probably fine enough for some video conferencing, but since that’s not my thing let’s just say ‘whatever.’”

As for the operating system, Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, he, unlike ZDNet’s Jason Perlow, likes the Nexus 7’s default “plain android look.” Torvalds also found it “smoother, and that Jelly Bean is “picking up some of the best extensions (like app folder shortcuts). Yes, resizable widgets etc. And a lot of small improvement just in general.”

As or the applications, Torvalds and I agree on one point, on Gmail “the %^$* thing still cannot be set to send just plain-text emails. Why, google, why? Good technical mailing lists all know that html email is just spam or marketing people, and auto-delete html crap. Just give me the option to send text-only, ok?” Amen brother.

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