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Google Plus gets a new look and feel (Review)


I’ve been a happy user of Google Plus since its early days.. Now, with its recently revised interface and functionality, Google+ is indeed a bit simpler and more beautiful, but… it still have some blemishes. Such as, what the heck is that large swatch of white space anyway? Bur more about that later. First, the good stuff.

Google Plus, which now has 170-million users according to Vic Gundotra, a Google senior vice president, has been redesigned to make it easier to use and more attractive. The first feature you’ll notice is the left-hand Google Plus menu-bar, the “ribbon.” From it you can quickly go to your favorite Google Plus service.

And, I do mean your favorite service. Google makes it possible for you to edit the ribbon, So, for example, you can place your favorite service on the top. Or, if you don’t care for one—I have no real use for social network games—drop them in the bottom-right “More” box. If you hover hover over some applications you’ll also be presented with a set of quick actions for them. For example, if you hover over the photos app, you’ll get options to add images from your phone or an online album.

Say hello to the new look of Google Plus (screenshots)

It’s also a lot easier to start video hangouts. These are free video-conferences. You can have up to ten people in a hangout. It’s always been a nice feature, but a trifle hidden. Now, it’s right on the ribbon. Once in it, it’s also easy to pick and choose who you want to join you in your impromptu video-conference.

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