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Will we soon see a Google cloud drive?


These days, everyone and their uncle offer online cloud data storage plans. Dropbox is the name everyone knows, but big name Internet companies like Amazon, with its Cloud Drive; Apple with iCloud; and Microsoft with SkyDrive all have their personal cloud storage options to tempt you with as well. But, the one big company that everyone’s been waiting on for a cloud storage option, Google, has never shown their personal cloud drive cards. That may be changing.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Google is getting ready to launch a personal cloud-storage service called Drive . Sources are reported to have said that, like most Google services, it will be free for free for most of its consumers… unless they require a lot of storage. How much is a lot? Good question. We don’t have any answers. Dropbox prices, which are typical for personal cloud storage, currently give users 2GB for free, then charges them $9.99 for 50 GB and $19.99 for 100 GB.

Google’s response to this story is that “We do not comment on rumor or speculation.” OK. Fair enough.

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