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Microsoft is finally making good products — but it’s too late


you’ve read many of my articles over the past 20 years, you may have noticed that I don’t care for Microsoft or its products. That isn’t because I think open-source software or Apple products are unbeatably great. It’s because Microsoft’s products are usually awful.

A lot of you are thinking I can’t possibly be right about that. After all, you work and play with Windows, Office and other Microsoft offerings every day. You’re hardly in the minority. But has Microsoft enjoyed its enviable market position because it produced the best products? Nah.

Microsoft became No. 1 because, in business, Bill Gates had the morals of a great white shark in a feeding frenzy. By the time the courts finally slapped Microsoft down in the Netscape case, it was too late. The great monopolist had either killed off or bought out its competition.

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