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Facebook: The Spy in Your Network


I used to like Facebook. Oh, its security and constantly changing privacy protection was a bad joke, but it was still the best way to find and keep in touch with old friends from high school (Hi Cathy!) and the like. That was then. This is now.

It was bad enough that Facebook tries to harvest your phone number, in the new Facebook Open Graph platform you can share all kinds of usage data with your advertisers… uh friends. With the new Facebook, you can automatically share what movies you’re watching on Netflix, what music you’re listening to on Spotify, and what’s you’re reading on Flipboard.

Privacy aside, I don’t care for Facebook’s new non-stop news-streaming ticker, either. Does anyone really want to know everything I watch, listen to, and read? Neither my wife nor daughter do. I can think of two groups, though, that would find all my information endlessly interesting: Advertisers and competitors. You may want AT&T, Exxon, and Microsoft to keep tabs on your every move; I don’t.

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