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HP: Apotheker out. Whitman in. A Hangover decision?


HP’s board appears to have sobered up. You know how it is. You get drunk, you black out, and you wake up in the morning with Leo Apotheker as your CEO. OMG! Well, it seems HP has sobered up, and now, they’re kicking Apotheker out and bringing in former eBay CEO Meg Whitman to be the new boss.

Wait. Meg Whitman!? Sure, she grew eBay from nothing to a giant, but HP is larger still and it’s an established company, not a start-up. Nor, has Whitman ever managed a company that was focused on the enterprise.

You know how sometimes you don’t make the smartest decisions when you’re suffering from a hangover? I think HP may have just done exactly that.

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