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The World IPv6 Day report card


Internet administrators were 99.9999% sure that World IPv6 Day would go by without any real problems. Of course, when you’re dealing with something as big as the Internet, even six nines of up-time could mean hundreds of thousands of users with trouble. So far, though, all is well.

At noon Eastern time, all the dual-stacked IPv4/IPv6 sites on the Réseaux IP Européens’ (RIPE, French for “European IP Networks”) IPv6 Eye Chart are checking in green. This means that these major Web sites are working correctly both for people using the traditional Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) Internet and users working with IPv6. This was one of the project’s major goals. The last thing Internet network system operators wanted was to find that their IPv6 support was breaking the Internet for the vast majority of users.

Breaking the Internet would have been “Bad.” There’s a lot of network administrators out there now who are no longer holding their breath.

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