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LibreOffice motors right along with a new release


OK, so Oracle did give OpenOffice’s intellectual property (IP) to The Apache Foundation. So what! The Document Foundation (TDF), which forked OpenOffice into LibreOffice, isn’t waving the white flag. Instead, the group has released its next major LibreOffice version: LibreOffice 3.4.

TDF proudly boasts that the latest LibreOffice “incorporates the contributions of over 120 developers (six times as many as the first beta released on the launch date).” And, that, “The majority of these contributors have started to hack LibreOffice code less than eight months ago, and this is an incredible achievement if one recalls that the OOo [] project has attracted a lower number of contributors in ten years.”

How does LibreOffice do it? In a statement, Italo Vignoli, a TDF Steering Committee member said, “We care for our developers, and it shows. Our core developers have invented the mechanism of the easy hacks, which makes it simple and enjoyable for volunteer contributors to get to know LibreOffice code challenging their development skills with basic or elementary tasks.”

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