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Groklaw 2.0: PJ Leaves Groklaw but legal news site to continue under new editor


amela “PJ” Jones, editor and creator of Groklaw, the leading open-source legal news and analysis site, has kept her word. After eight years, PJ is leaving Groklaw. The site though will continue under the guidance of Mark Webbink.

Mark Webbink is also Executive Director of the Center for Patent Innovations, a research and development arm of New York Law School’s Institute for Intellectual Law & Property. Webbink is also a board member of the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC). Before that, he was Red Hat’s Senior Vice President and General Counsel. In short, Webbink knows intellectual property (IP) law and open source about as well as anyone on the planet.

Still, stepping in for PJ won’t be easy. While “only” a paralegal, her unflagging efforts lead to Groklaw becoming the go-to site first for SCO legal news and analysis and then the whole world of IP law and its effects on open-source software.

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