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Canonical & Banshee Agree to Disagree


Canonical, Ubuntu’s parent company, has spoken with the developers of Banshee, which is to be the default music player in next version of Ubuntu Linux, and announced a “compromise” on how to handle Banshee’s revenue from its built-in Amazon Store connection. Banshee’s programmers are not happy.

Banshee had been devoting all the funds it made from its Amazon Store connection to the GNOME Foundation. Canonical wanted Banshee to either disable the Amazon Store connection coming on by default, which competed with its own Ubuntu One music store, or take a 75% cut of any revenue from the Banshee/Amazon stream.

So, Canonical started to talk with Banshee about finding a more equitable solution. Well, Canonical did come up with another proposal, but it hasn’t made the Banshee community very happy.

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