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Windows and Linux: Peaceful Co-Existence With Microsoft and Novell


Novell and Microsoft are more than happy to help you bridge the gap between Linux and Windows.

Once upon a time, bridging the gap between Windows and Linux in the server room or the office was… difficult. Today, while no one’s going to call it easy, Novell and Microsoft have worked hard on ensuring interoperability doesn’t require either a Linux wizard or a Windows expert.

The two technology giants have been at this since they formed their unlikely partnership in November, 2006. Almost five years later, besides the business benefits the two companies have found in working together, Novell and Microsoft have made considerable progress in getting Linux and Windows to get along both on the server and the desktop level.

At OSCON in Portland, OR, Fabio Da Cunha, Microsoft’s senior manager with Microsoft’s Interoperability Alliances team and Frank Rego, the senior product manager in Novell’s Open Platform Solution division explained where the two companies are today with their technology partnerships.

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