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Getting the Most from Your 802.11n Investment


Sure, the IEEE 802.11n Wi-Fi standard, with its up to 300Mbps (Megabits per second) burst speeds, is fast enough for all but the most demanding office network jobs. And, now that the 802.11n protocol was finally been standardized late last year, you no longer need to worry about access points (AP) from one vendor failing to work with laptops containing 802.11n chipsets from other vendors. Still, as Jobs found out, all that technology can still fail when you need it the most.

More commonly, you may find that while 802.11n in theory can out-pace the 100Mbps Fast Ethernet you probably have around the office, the facts may be quite different. Unless you’ve got your network technicians to set up 802.11n correctly, you may discover that you’re not getting close to the speeds you expected.

Before I jump into what your technical staff needs to know, let me bring you up to speed a little bit about how 802.11n works.

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