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Linux Evolves: Tablets, Smartphones, and TVs


Linux rules supercomputers. It’s vitally important to servers. And, Linux is making gains on the desktop. Where Linux is really going to shine in the next twelve months though is in devices: tablets, smartphones, and TVs.

For example, more than a dozen Apple iPad-like tablets made their first appearance at the Computex computer show in Taipei, Taiwan. The vast majority of these devices run Android Linux or other embedded Linuxes such as the latest MeeGo embedded Linux.

I have every expectation that Apple’s iPad is going to stay on top. It’s a great design, and, except for its failure to support Flash thanks to Apple’s fight with Adobe, it works well. But, iPads are expensive and they don’t support Flash. That gives the coming flood of low-priced Linux-powered tablets more than enough room to win in the market.

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