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Making the latest Facebook Safe


May 31st was supposed to be Quit Facebook Day. With only 0.005 percent of Facebook’s 500 million users electing to quit, I think we can safely call it a flop.

It’s not that people aren’t ticked off at Facebook; it’s just that they’re not mad enough to actually walk away from it. In part, that may be because there really isn’t a new alternative social network for people to move to. I also think, it’s in part, because people never take security seriously until it blows up in their faces.

After all, if you can’t talk your company into updating from XP SP2 to the far safer SP3, why should Joe and Joanie Facebook be any different?

Still, while Facebook still hasn’t done the one simple thing that’s needed to make Facebook far more private and secure than it is now-lock down your sharing options from the start-they have made it easier to protect your privacy.

To get at the new privacy controls now, click your way over to Facebook’s Privacy Tab. Your first stop here is Basic Directory Information.

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