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Linuxcare returns with focus in the cloud


Back in Linux’s early days, Linuxcare emerged as the first important Linux support company. In 1998, the company made headlines not just in the technology press but in mainstream business publications like the Wall Street Journal as the company that would help businesses switch over to Linux. It was not to last. Poor top management decisions led Linuxcare to lose first its way, and, then, years later, to quietly vanish. Now, one of its founders, Arthur F. Tyde III, has brought Linuxcare back from the grave and made it ready for the 21st century.

As Tyde told me, “A few years ago I bought the assets of Linuxcare; it seemed like a shame to let the Linuxcare vision rot away in some file cabinet in the dungeons beneath Silicon Valley Bank. At the time it was more the sentimental move of an ex-founder then anything else. Some good friends of mine however (a few even with the original LC crew) wanted to take a run at restarting it as a service, not support play.” So it is that Linuxcare has been reborn.

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