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Question: Why switch to Linux or a Mac?


Answer: Because, you can’t keep Windows secure even if you do the right things.

‘m no friend to Windows. I know the operating system too well to trust it. But, I did think that even though Windows is defective by design, you could keep it relatively safe by installing patches quickly and using anti-virus software religiously. I was wrong.

First, it turns out that one of Microsoft’s latest Windows patches just flat out didn’t work. Whoops!

This isn’t the first time that this has happened. But, what really caught my attention this go-around was that at just about the same time the news broke that a flawed McAfee Antivirus update knocked out millions of Windows XP computers. Talk about sloppy quality assurance! How the heck can a Windows anti-virus company release an update that locks XP computers into an endless reboot cycle?

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