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What’s coming in the new Ubuntu Linux Desktop?


I’m already using the beta of the forthcoming version of Ubuntu 10.04 and I like it a lot. I decided to ask the good people at Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, what they thought about the new Ubuntu, scheduled to arrive on April 29th, and this is what Gerry Carr, head of platform marketing had do say.

One thing I noticed in looking at the beta of Ubuntu 10.04 was that Ubuntu, more than ever, is becoming the Linux desktop distribution for new users. I was right. Carr said, “We want new users.” Ubuntu has never been the distribution for Linux purists or experts. “We’ve always felt that one of the most important things that we can bring, hopefully, to open source is popularity as a desktop OS.”

Carr continued, “Open source projects have found success but are delivered on proprietary formats, which is great but not ideal. Delivering great open source or proprietary experiences but on an open source platform, and in a way where new users feel they are getting the best experience (not just best for free), is the real win-win.”

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