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Amazon pays Microsoft for Linux


What was Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, thinking? Amazon just signed a patent cross-licensing deal that pays Microsoft intellectual property fees for, among other things, patents that cover Amazon’s Linux-based Kindle e-reader and its Linux servers. Too bad Microsoft has never, ever been able to show that its patents cover anything to do with Linux.

Mind you, Microsoft has been trying to make people believe that Linux violates its patents for years now. Only an idiot would believe them though since Microsoft has never even tried to demonstrate that any of its patents actually apply to Linux.

Yes, Microsoft claims that Linux and other open-source programs violate its patent rights. They’ve been making those claims for years. What’s always been missing is proof.

Microsoft’s biggest lie, first made by Steve Ballmer back in 2004, is that Linux violates more than 200 of Microsoft’s patents. There’s one little problem with this assertion which has underlaid every Microsoft attack on Linux’s intellectual property since then: it’s not true.

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