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Is Windows 7 really a memory hog?


I’m no Windows fan. But, I use Windows 7 every day and I’ve deployed it on several dozen PCs and I’ve never seen Windows 7 misuse memory like Devil Mountain Software’s claims that it does.

While it’s doubtlessly true that, as Craig Barth, Devil Mountain’s CTO, is reported to have claimed, that “Everyone thinks that they’re a [Windows] performance expert,” and that “They look at their PC and say, ‘My PC doesn’t do that.'”

Well, while I can’t claim to be a Windows performance expert, I can justifiably claim to be an operating system expert, and that I’ve recently done a lot of detailed analysis and work with Windows 7. I’ve never seen Windows 7, in and of itself, on the approximately sixty systems I’ve either used it on or installed it on exhaust its memory resources to the point where I saw any performance problems.

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