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Where Google Chrome security fails: the password


A lot of people, including me, are excited about Chrome OS, Google’s forthcoming desktop operating system. One of the things that has people worked up is Chrome OS’ improved security over Windows. That’s true. It should be better, and I’ll talk more about that tomorrow, but before you get too excited about that you should know that Chrome has its elephant sized security problem.

You see everything you’ll do on a Chrome OS computer is based on the good old user/password concept. This SSO (single sign on) key unlocks all your information, which is stored on the cloud. This means you can log into your account from any Google Chrome device. That’s the good news. That’s also the bad news.

On Chrome, all your personal information is only a login away. And, when I say all your information, I mean all. This isn’t just access to a critical file or information about one bank account, it’s every file and all the information you keep in those files.

If you could trust people to use good passwords and use them correctly that might not be so bad. But, you can’t.

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