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Chrome’s mission: Making Windows obsolete


Some people are already convinced that Google will fail with its Chrome operating system. Others think that Chrome can’t possibly be a threat to Windows. Both groups are so, so wrong.

First, for those who think that Chrome is simply a failure from the word go, their reasoning is pathetically flawed. Chrome will fail because it’s based on Linux they argue. What century are these people from?

The specific complaints, such as “From power management to display support, Linux has long been a minefield of buggy code and half-baked device driver implementations.” reveal that they’re coming from people who know nothing what-so-ever about Linux. Linux is tried and proven.

You don’t have to believe me though. Just look at the world around you. Linux rules on devices from your TiVo DVR to your Droid smartphone to you name it. Linux kicks rump and takes names on supercomputers, where nothing else is even competitive. And, Linux rules stock markets where failure is never an option.

The only place where Linux hasn’t been a strong competitor has been on the desktop. There are many reasons why desktop Linux hasn’t done well; number one with a bullet has been Microsoft’s desktop monopoly. With Google’s backing, however, Chrome avoids the Linux desktop’s real problems.

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